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posted by [personal profile] machine_dove at 11:47pm on 04/06/2009
I am in need of pretty cocktail pictures - ones involving the colors brown/tan, wine, purple, blue, and green especially. Anyone know of where I can find some on the internets?

ETA: I could just, you know, search Flickr for cocktail groups. *headdesk* SO!! Another question for the braintrust:

-I have a friend with a Mac - don't have more details than that at the moment - who's having an absurd amount of trouble doing pretty much anything. Especially when she's running photoshop. It took her FIVE HOURS to upload fewer than fifteen pictures to Etsy, which is pretty much insanity. Anyone know enough about Macs to offer up some suggestions on how to clean things up and make it run smoother? With Windows, it's easy - clean out the crap, and then defrag, and that seems to take care of most people's problems. Macs? I don't know enough about them to really be able to help.
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posted by [identity profile] at 06:53am on 05/06/2009
Well, my first thought would be to Not Multitask While Photoshopping. Photoshop wants every erg of power the computer can give, and will take it if it can. it's not always THAT bad, but it can be. Otherwise, there's good old reboot - some people's uptime is silly-long, and then they realize that there's enough memory holes in ANY os that it's time to garbage-collect by restarting.

Really, though, if it seems to be a recurring issue, there's some underlying problem that means she might want to do something like a clean reinstall of the OS. Otherwise, there's a "reply hazy, ask again later" situation - Mac issues like you describe tend to have a few things going on at once that could be any number of issues. (And, of course, the issue of what she's running on what hardware could have something to do with it as well.)

Hope that's SOME help, anyways.
posted by [identity profile] at 03:00pm on 05/06/2009
Yeah, I second the Thou Shalt Not Multitask. Also, Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor will let her take a look at what's sucking up resources. If she's using Firefox, it will occasionally develop a nasty memory leak and start bogging down the entire system, and if she's got any of the Microsoft Office apps for Mac open, those are likely candidates as well. Also, reboot, if she hasn't already.

(Not a Mac expert, I just live with one.)
posted by [identity profile] at 12:18am on 06/06/2009
Have they tried running disk utility? Its in the applications/utilities folder

You could also try OnyX, make sure you get the right one for the version of OS X you have. Let it run its checks when it starts, then go to the automation tab and check all the box similar to what is shown in the link below. Then go watch a movie, it can take a long time to run all of those.


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